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At Ausenco, we recognise that our entire team contributes to our success and it is important that we all have the opportunity to share in the associated rewards. That’s why we place a great deal of importance on our benefits package – we want to ensure that our remuneration and benefits are market-competitive so we can attract and retain the best people.

Globally, Ausenco supports a number of benefits such as superannuation, pension or retirement fund plans and discounts on private health insurance providers.

We also recognise that developing our people is important and we offer support through internal programs and contributions to external studies where those studies are relevant to their professional development.  

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Rewards and recognition

Depending on where in the world they work, our people have access to a range of non-monetary rewards and recognition programs. Our managers are encouraged to make recommendations to senior management when outstanding employee contributions are identified. 

Each year we recognise those people who go above and beyond their duties to embody our values through our two global recognition programs. The Living the Values Awards and the CEO's Award recognise the outstanding contributions of our people in areas such as safety, client focus, ingenious solutions, collaboration, respect for the community and environment.


At Ausenco, we are committed to continuous improvement and always looking for new practices and technologies that empower our people. Our world leaders are driven to constantly look for new and better ways of achieving outcomes for our clients.

We also aim to create collaborative and productive work environments that support cohesive team interaction and provide opportunities for our people to increase their knowledge and education.

Work/life balance

Ausenco is a diverse organisation. We operate in different countries, in different cultures and understand that our global teams are all different, which is why we listen to our people and aim to offer them a safe, happy and productive work/life balance.

In some locations, Ausenco offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is a free and confidential counselling service to support our people with work and personal concerns. We want our people to have a good quality of life and will provide the support networks and programs.

Flexible working

Wherever possible we try to offer our people a working schedule that suits them. Whether it is through our nine day fortnight program, flexible hours, part-time or job-share working arrangements or even the occasional work from home day. Our global IT infrastructure allows us to be connected at any time of day and, in some circumstances, teleconferencing negates the need for tiresome travel.

Family time

Along with our flexible working arrangements we support a range of options, from paid paternal and adoption leave to unpaid career breaks, for our people to stay connected and involved with their families without hindering their career opportunities.

Social time

Due to the nature of the work we do, we know that sometimes there isn’t time to be sociable. But when there is time we like to make the most of it! From team and office drinks, coffee mornings, donut sessions and festive occasions, to sporting events and charitable activities, we encourage our people and their families to get involved with the Ausenco community.

Health and fitness

At Ausenco we know that healthy people make a healthy workforce. Depending on where you’re located you may have access to onsite gyms or fitness facilities and fitness professionals. Many of our offices participate in sporting events and challenges allowing our people to showcase their many talents.

Healthy eating options and information on leading a healthy lifestyle are also readily available at Ausenco through our lunch and learn programs.

Employee referral program

Current Ausenco employees are eligible for a ‘Referral Reward’* if the person they recommend is subsequently hired by Ausenco. The reward is a monetary amount and from time to time will include other rewards targeting specific roles in order to meet business requirements.

The program exists to recognise and reward those who play an active role in strengthening our workforce with quality talent and so contributing to the long-term success of Ausenco.

*Referral Rewards are subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. Ausenco employees can review the programs full terms and conditions on our employee intranet.