Construction of 1,200 MW combined cycle power plant

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Ausenco developed the detail design of the Balance of Plant equipment and systems for the 1,227 MW Hadjret En Nouss CCPP project.

The project consisted of three GE power generating trains each including as major equipment a combustion turbine, a three pressure level heat recovery steam generator, a condensing reheat steam turbine and a common generator rated at 420 MW at generator terminals.

Flue gas from the 250 MW rated combustion turbine is conveyed to a supplemental duct firing heat recovery steam generator to generate superheated steam at the following conditions: HP at 128 bar and 567 °C; IP at 26 bar and 313 °C: LP at 4.3 bar and 310 °C.

The three stage 175 MW single shaft steam turbine, received steam from the HRSG at the three pressure levels. Cold reheat steam from the steam turbine HP stage is reheated in the HRSG and returned to the steam turbine IP stage. Turbine exhaust steam is condensed in a deaerating condenser.

We designed the balance of plant equipment and systems which include: fuel supply systems, sea water desalination system, demineralised water system, potable water system, cooling and circulating water systems, all auxiliary steam, water and fuel piping systems, compressed air system, civil structures and miscellaneous systems.

We also prepared the technical part of the procurement documentation required to purchase, by the client, the complete plant equipment and materials for the project.

Power will be generated at 18.5 kV and then stepped up to 400 kV for connection to the Algerian power grid. Auxiliairy services will be fed at 6.6 KV.

Project details

Power generation
Hadjert En Nouss, Algeria
Business line
Process Infrastructure
SNC-Lavalin Constructors International Inc.
Completed in 2008
Solution phase