Ajax Steam Plant Revitalisation

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Index Energy owns and operates a biomass fuelled steam plant and a district energy network in Ajax, Ontario. The steam plant was constructed by the federal government in 1941 to produce steam and power for a large munitions complex for the allied forces. The plant has gone through numerous changes since that time and it continues to deliver 125 lb steam to local users in the downtown core.

Ausenco was chosen by Index Energy to assist in the revitalisation project which will include the installation of four wood-fired combustion/boilers, two high pressure turbines, one condensing turbine, and the associated auxiliary equipment.

Index Energy plans on expanding the district energy system to include commercial, institutional and residential customers in the form of steam, hot water and chilled water.

The boilers will have the capacity to produce 400,000 lbs per hour of superheated steam at 550 psig and the steam turbines will produce a maximum of 25 megawatts.

Ausenco was asked to assist with the site layout, the incorporation of used turbine generators, the selection of new equipment and detailed design.

Project details

Pickering, Ontario
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Index Energy Mills Road Corporation
Solution phase