Asset management standards enabled throughout business

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CS Energy is a Queensland Government owned energy provider that operates the following power generation facilities in Queensland: 

  • Kogan Creek - coal fired 
  • Callide - coal fired 
  • Wivenhoe - hydro 
  • Swanbank (now managed by Stanwell) - gas 
  • Mica Creek (now managed by Stanwell) - gas 

Ausenco Rylson delivered a review of CS Energy Asset Management documentation in line with best practices and updated as required. Documents included: 

  • Asset management policy 
  • Maintenance philosophy and policy
  • Equipment strategy development 
  • Criticality analysis procedure
  • Life cycle planning procedure 
  • Work management procedure 
  • Plant/equipment hierarchy development procedure 
  • Spares analysis procedure. 
  • Review existing and develop new long-term capital projects program for: 
    • Kogan Creek 
    • Callide 
    • Swanbank 
    • Mica Creek. 


Ausenco Rylson assisted CS Energy’s Asset Manager to deliver all of these services. This enabled the Asset Manager to implement Asset Management standards across the whole organisation and to report back to Senior Management on the forecasted capital expenditure that would be required across the Group’s power operating facilities.

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