Biomass Power Plant

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Ausenco was awarded an engineering services contract by the owner for a cogeneration facility in Westbrook, Maine. 

The facility comprises a combination fuel boiler, turbine generator, surface condenser and cooling tower, feedwater and feedwater makeup treatment system, and fuel handling and ash disposal systems.

The boiler is a field erected B&W combination wood waste, pulverised and stoker coal, and oil fired unit, rated at 650 000 lb/h at 1300 psig and 900° F, with a peak of 800 000 lb/h.

The GE double automatic extraction, condensing turbine is rated at 47 000 kW with 1250 psig and .900° F and operates with 600 psig steam at throttle, coupled with a 55 000 kVA air cooled, brushless exciter generator.

The electrostatic precipitator is an Environmental Elements dual chamber, weighted wire, with five electrical fields on each side.

Auxiliary systems include activated carbon filters and mixed-bed polishers, condensate polisher; deaerator, feedwater heater and feedwater pumps; surface condenser and cooling tower; wood waste, coal handling and ash disposal systems. The existing electrical distribution and tie-in systems were upgraded.

This facility, combined with the Co-Gen II project completed in August 1985, generates enough power to meet the needs of the plant and has surplus power for sale to the local utility. The plant was awarded an API Energy Award for efficient operation.

Project details

Power generation, Renewable power
Westbrook, Maine, USA
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Process Infrastructure
S.D. Warren Company
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