Caribou Lake Thermal Demonstration Project - Conceptual Design

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Ausenco provided the conceptual design for Husky’s proposed 10,000 bbl/day Caribou Lake hybrid SAGD thermal demonstration facility.

This work was required for a development application to the EUB and AENV. This project included multi-well production pads, and a central processing facility with bitumen treating, water treatment and steam generation.

Husky and Ausenco worked together to determine the optimum design basis and the process for the development. Ausenco provided an overall well pad and central facility layout and incorporated Husky’s plans for future expansion. The process design basis document addressed the plant throughput (oil, water, gas, and steam rates). Ausenco also developed process simulations, material balances, process flow diagrams and an equipment list.

In addition, Ausenco worked closely with an environmental company to coordinate the EUB/AENV application. Ausenco provided the facility data including air emissions, noise, water balance and infrastructure (roads, gas, power and other utilities) information. The design, from initial conception to the application ready stage, was successfully completed in a very tight time frame.

Project highlights:

  • conceptual design for 10,000 bbl/day HSAGD project
  • Husky and Ausenco worked together to develop the design basis for the project
  • overall plant and well pad layouts
  • Ausenco provided the facility information for the environmental assessment and the regulatory application
  • the design work was completed on schedule, under a very tight time frame.

Project details

Oil sands
Caribou Lake, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Husky Energy Inc.
May 2006 - December 2006

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