Christina Lake SAGD High Pressure/High Temperature Disposal Pipelines

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Ausenco provided engineering, procurement and construction management for 27.5 km of 8” and 12” water pipelines at the Christina Lake SAGD project.

The 12” pipeline was required for blowdown water disposal, and the
8” pipeline was needed to transport a variety of other waste waters such as produced water, treated water, and salt cavern water. Due to high water temperatures and pressures, the pipelines required a design temperature of 100°C and maximum operating pressure of 1,700 psi (11,720 kPa).
Also, thirteen expansion loops were required for each pipeline, to alleviate the stresses in the pipeline caused by thermal expansion. Specialised internal coating was required due to the expected properties of the transported water.

The project included drilled river crossings, and due to the muskeg environment, a pipeline depth of up to 3 m was required. In addition, Ausenco designed metering skids, pigging facilities, and cathodic protection.

Project highlights:

  • 28 km of 12” and 8” pipelines
  • High temperature (85 °C and 100°C) and high pressure (1700 psi MOP)
  • 13 expansion loops
  • Muskeg environment, pipeline depths of 2.5 m to 3 m
  • Internal and external coating selection critical
  • Short time frame was achieved by Ausenco.

Project details

Oil sands
Conklin, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Cenovus Energy
October 2005 - July 2006
Engineering, Global procurement, Construction management