Corani - Mitigation of environmental and social impacts

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Value added designs aimed at minimising environmental impacts

Bear Creek Mining Corporation is developing the Corani silver-gold exploration project in Puno, PerĂº. The project is located at approximately 4,300 m above sea level.

Ausenco undertook investigation, analysis, design and cost estimate development services for several waste management facilities and the geotechnical evaluation of the open pit, site-wide water management, permit planning and NI 43-101 report development.

The tailings facility alternatives and waste rock facility designs, incorporated features for management of contact water during operation and post closure.

Various sites were evaluated for the tailings storage facility, together with alternative materials for embankment construction including local borrow materials, waste rock from the mine pit and cyclone tailings. Geosynthetics were incorporated in the embankment design together with grout treatment of foundations.

Static testing for the evaluation of acid rocks drainage of tailings waste, rock and potential construction materials was undertaken and planning for kinetic testing was developed.

Mitigation of environmental and social impacts drove the development of sustainable approaches in design for each of the facilities in Ausenco's scope.

Some of the concepts considered included:

  • Community water demands and riparian flow management, including improved reliability of community water sources.
  • Post closure uses of TSF site in relation to closure land form
  • State of the practice application of geocomposite and soil liners
  • The site-wide water balance considered various confidence limits for planning appropriate to the risks being mitigated
  • Pit backfilling to reduce footprint and add value.

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