Fenelon Falls Long-Term Care Facility

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Single storey, 40,200 sq ft approximately, and consisting of 67 beds, all on a convenient single level. The complex shares a main foyer with three adjoining resident home areas - Balsam Harbour, Cameron Cove and Sturgeon Bay, and all have their own similar amenities. Lunch and dining rooms abound as well as the many rooms available for the resident’s leisure, relaxation and family gettogethers. With the assistance of the program manager, the residents can look forward to many meaningful endeavours such as their own outdoor garden, crafts and yes, there are even computers available for those arm chair adventurers. 

The residence rooms have hot water radiation panels in the ceiling and air conditioning using heat recovery units. The building is also equipped with roof top HVAC units, gas fired humidifiers, hot water boilers, two domestic hot water systems and sprinklers. 

The lighting throughout the facility was designed to not only meet the illuminance standards of the Ministry of Health and Central Park Lodges, but also to incorporate a residential appearance in fixture selection and light quality. 

Many resident areas contain either direct/indirect chandelier style fixtures or ceiling mounted fixtures incorporating compact fluorescent lamps and alabaster acrylic lenses with brass trims. The majority of the light fixtures are wall mounted, cove type, indirect, utilizing energy efficient fluorescent lamps. The lighting quality was designed to minimize shadows by producing even light levels on floors and walls.