Bulk Handling Facilities Upgrade

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Fully Enclosed Equipment

The Pier G Bulk Facilities Upgrade replaces 1960s era conveyors and transfer towers with new fully enclosed equipment to comply with California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations.

Project challenges included replacing two 130 m long, 2,400 t/h conveyors and building a new transfer tower within the confines of the existing transfer tower and adjacent structures while observing a maximum two-week long shutdown constraint. The conveyor galleries were designed to accommodate vehicle traffic below, washdown requirements, and limited space for bent foundations.

The project also included refurbishing a coke rail/truck dump enclosure, covering a sulphur truck dump, improving vehicle access to storage pads and providing dust control misting systems for truck dumps.

Ausenco provided conceptual and detailed design services for the conveyors and transfer towers followed by field services during construction.

Ausenco was supported by sub-consultant Cash & Associates, who provided foundation design and structural design reviews as required by local codes, and by GeoSyntec the project geotechnical sub-consultant.

Project details

Bulk materials handling
Long Beach, California, USA
Port of Long Beach
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