Grande Côte Dredge Project

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The Grande Côte Minerals Sands project in Senegal will be one of the largest producers of high grade zircon and ilmenite globally and includes the world’s largest single wet concentrator. The project site is 50 km north of Dakar with the deposit extending a further 100 km north along the coast.

Mining for this project is conducted by dredging a continuous canal through the sand dune system at a rate of 7000 t/h (55 Mt/y). Ausenco successfully managed the engineering, procurement and dredge fabrication and factory testing in Thailand, followed by disassembly, packaging and transport to Senegal. The dredge was re-assembled on site and successfully launched in April 2013.

The dredge specifications are:

  • 50 m long x 15 m wide
  • 1000 t in weight
  • 3.6 m diameter rose head cutter driven by a 2.0 MW motor
  • dredge pump - sized for 25,000 m3/h of slurry, impeller with 3.6 m diameter and driven by variable speed 4.75 MW motor
  • includes GPS and automated winch positioning systems.

Ausenco has a long association with the Grande Côte project. We have previously delivered a feasibility study update and our Process Infrastructure team has delivered EPCM services for the rail and port infrastructure of this project.

Project details

Mineral Sands
Senegal, West Africa
Business line
Minerals & Metals
Grand Côte Operations SA
2011 - 2013
Solution phase
Create (EPCM)