HDS Reactor Installation and Crude and Vacuum Unit Debottleneck

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Ausenco was selected to provide EPCM services for the HDS installation and the debottlenecking project. The complex integration consisted of adding a second HDS reactor, as well as the debottlenecking of the existing crude and vacuum unit. This work was engineered and streamlined using innovative design, diligent project management, and efficient project execution.

The project included:

  • addition of second HDS reactor and charge pump
  • replacement of the HVGO product / crude exchanger
  • added new desalted crude pumps
  • replaced existing desalter exchangers
  • modification of combined crude / vacuum heater coils to gain superheat
  • replaced crude heater burners
  • re-tray and modify crude tower nozzles
  • replaced existing overhead air condenser and trim cooler in naphtha and distillate circuits
  • distillate stripper tray modification
  • modified DGO product pump into distillate product service
  • replace desalted crude / DGO exchanger into the DGO
  • over 5,000 feet of piping.

The high quality engineering deliverables issued for this project resulted in less than 1% construction rework including all tie-ins to existing facilities. Upon return to full operation, the new federal specifications were met and the incremental capacity of the refinery exceeded specifications. With a proven track record of over fifteen projects at the CCRL Refinery, Ausenco continues to provide EPCM services to this valued client.

Project highlights:

  • full EPCM provided by Ausenco
  • integrated team approach with co-op engineering and operations
  • less than 3% estimate to actual cost variance for EPCM services
  • over 5000 feet of piping installed
  • excellent quality, less than 1% rework on construction
  • installed and debottlenecked facilities, outperforming expectations.

Project details

Oil sands
Regina, Saskatchewan
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Limited
January 2005 - July 2006
Engineering, EPC/EPCM