High Pressure Decoking Water Pump Installation

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This project required the installation of a new cutting pump in parallel with the existing decoking water pump to reduce the coke cutting time, reduce the handling and transportation cost of coke fines resulting from the coke cutting and crushing process, increase the yield of usable coke product, and reduce the “volatile coke by mass” to enhance the market value of the coke.

To minimise cost, Ausenco determined that it was more effective to reclaim the old pump house and reuse it for the VFD drive and ancillary equipment than to build a new building. The new pump became the primary cutting pump and the existing pump functions as a spare.

The project was executed utilising an integrated team of Ausenco and CCRL staff. In addition to the installation of the pump and the associated piping and electrical work, Ausenco made modifications to the existing coker pump house building to accommodate the new cutting pump.

Project highlights:

  • engineering and procurement service for the pump installation
  • utilised laser scanning technology to provide accurate survey data of existing facilities
  • provided on-site construction and commissioning support
  • met client’s timing expectations
  • the project was under budget.

Project details

Oil sands
Regina, Saskatchewan
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Limited
September 2006 - January 2008
Engineering, Construction management