Recommissioning and development of Honeymoon

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  • CommodityUranium
  • LocationSouth Australia
  • ClientUranium One
  • Timeframe2008 - 2011
  • Solution phaseCreate (EPCM)
  • Project value$146m
  • ServicesEngineering, Global procurement, Construction management, EPC/EPCM, Studies and technical solutions

Expertise in future energy resource

The Honeymoon Uranium Project, located in the uranium producing state of South Australia, is an advanced ISR (in-situ recovery) project.

The original ISL (in-situ leach) facility was constructed in 1982 but never operational. Recommissioning of the site to a trial facility began in 1998 with Ausenco providing support services.

Ausenco’s original project scope included EPCM services for the refurbishment and recommissioning of the original in-situ leach equipment and downstream processing facility at the site.

Following the successful recommissioning of the facility (including the in-situ leaching operation), Ausenco was commissioned to produce a number of studies aimed at determining the scope and costs of a new plant.

The original plant has a capacity to produce 100 t/y U3O8 equivalent; the studies considered production cases of up to 1 000 t/y U3O8 equivalent.

The project was re-started in October 2008 by Uranium One to bring the mine into production.

Ausenco managed the engineering, procurement and construction management for the project following the completion of the initial feasibility study, technical review and engineering program.

The contract award followed the conversion of initial FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) work into a strategic EPCM contract for Ausenco in one of potentially the future’s largest energy sources.