Jackfish Pad C7 Solvent Injection Pilot

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Ausenco completed the front end FEED package and detailed design for the Jackfish C7 Solvent Injection Pilot. The goal for the pilot is to demonstrate how solvent injection will improve steam-oil ratio, thereby reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The work included all piping, process equipment, instrument control, and electrical and civil structural design. Ausenco developed a work package that contained the specifications, data sheets, vendor prints, preliminary layout and design to allow the vendors and contractors to successfully fabricate the mechanical equipment and execute all site construction.

The project team provided support to the fabricator during the design process to ensure that Devon received mechanical equipment that met all codes and regulations. The pilot is intended to operate for approximately two years. The solvent injection equipment was designed as a skid module to achieve cost efficiency. In addition, all pipe spools and structural steel were prefabricated to reduce work in the field.

Project highlights:

  • skid-mounted injection facility can be re-used at future locations
  • butane storage on-site
  • high accuracy metering to support material balance calculation
  • on-site lab with gas chromatograph and centrifuges to analyse produced liquids and gasses.

Project details

Oil sands
Wood Buffalo, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Devon Energy Corporation
March 2010 - November 2010