LNG Plant and Export Facilities Screening Study

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Feasibility of Proposed Location

ExxonMobil Development Company (EDMC) investigated the option of an LNG liquefaction plant and associated export facilities for LNG and Condensate on the south shore of Papua New Guinea.

EDMC retained Ausenco to determine the overall technical feasibility for the site and marine facilities, which included the following:

Site Conditions - An assessment of offshore soil conditions was carried out to ensure suitability of the site for the proposed development. Seismic conditions were also considered.

Metocean Conditions - An assessment of the winds, waves and visibility was conducted. Assessment also included the potential impact of cyclones and tsunamis.

Marine Facilities - Various concepts for berth availability and breakwater requirements were evaluated. A conceptual level design of the selected facilities was carried out along with an overall execution plan, project schedule and cost estimates to a +/- 40% accuracy.

The final report contained recommendations for future work and the next steps in the development of the project.

Project details

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Papua New Guinea
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ExxonMobil Development Company
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