MacKay River Phase 5 Pad Development

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Ausenco provided efficient and cost effective well pad facilities design to support current and future bitumen production at the MacKay River SAGD facility.

The concept screening and selection study recommended proceeding in two phases. The Phase 5A development fast-tracked the tie-in of six pre-drilled SAGD well pairs on a producing pad to existing infrastructure on another pad to maintain throughput capacity. The Phase 5A execution plan included the design of new wellhead modules and tie-in through new pipe along the existing pipe rack. Test production, steam, instrument air and lift gas already in place were extended to service the new wells.

The design allowed for future de-sanding facilities and expansion of the pipe racks from the pad to the central processing facility. Equipment standardisation helped to optimise capital cost, operating expense and safety. The wellhead modules are sized to accommodate a peak flow rate higher than the peak of current wells so they can be relocated to other pads to reduce cost of future development.

Project highlights:

  • $26 MM project
  • tie-in of six well pairs on a producing pad to existing processing infrastructure
  • design each wellhead module to accommodate a peak flow rate of 300 m3/d (oil)
  • wellhead modules can be relocated to future pad developments
  • group production from six wells is delivered to existing facilities via a new pipe along the existing pipe rack
  • design and lessons learned are transferrable to larger Phase 5B development to reduce man-hours and costs.

Project details

Oil sands
Fort McMurray Region, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Suncor Energy Inc.
July 2009 - February 2011

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