Feasibility study for mine to port railway system

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Railway Feasibility Study

Ausenco completed a feasibility study for an iron ore mining project contemplating a railway haul of 770 km for a traffic of 15 Mt/y of processed iron ore from mine to port in Senegal.

We studied the feasibility of rehabilitating 262 to 417 km of existing line and constructing 353 to 450 km of greenfield railway, depending on the option considered.

Our scope of work included:

  • Review of several proposed route alignment options for narrow, dual and standard gauge railway operation
  • Optimisation of an existing greenfield route alignment
  • Field reconnaissance to assess physical, geological and environmental conditions along portions of the route options
  • Establishment of key railway parameters for the standard and narrow gauge options based on standard practices of heavy haul railways
  • Development of an operating plan
  • Evaluation and optimisation of wagon and locomotive requirements using proprietary Locomotive Performance Simulator software
  • Development of capital and operating costs for each alternative and associated NPV (Net Profit Value)

Ausenco also assessed the advantages and disadvantages for each option based on construction and operational considerations.

Project details

Heavy haul rail and transportation systems
Iron ore
Business line
Process Infrastructure
2008 - 2009
Solution phase
Evaluate, Optimise
Studies and technical solutions