Hamilton GO Centre Pedestrian Tunnel Extension

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The construction of a train layover facility at the Hamilton GO Centre in the City of Hamilton, Ontario required the extension of a pedestrian tunnel under the existing railway tracks.

The tunnel was constructed in 1931 as part of an effort to provide grade separations between roads and railway tracks. The tunnel is a popular means of movement for residents in the downtown area, and exits at Shamrock Park.

The tunnel is a simple concrete box structure placed on concrete caisson extended below the tunnel level to avoid a deep layer of peat.

The exposed face of the extension maintained the Art-Deco architectural features of the original tunnel structure, including the cast letters of the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway, which originally operated the railway line.

Vandal-proof lighting was installed to ensure pedestrian safety at all times.

New sidewalks were placed and extensive landscaping was carried out to compliment conditions in Shamrock Park.

Project details

Hamilton, Ontario
Business line
Process Infrastructure
Metrolinx (GO Transit)
Solution phase
Innovate, Create
Engineering, Construction management