Pirquitas Project

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Innovation as our main goal

For this project we developed an innovative method for leak detection and remediation.

Our engineers conceived a liquefiable soil remediation up to 52,49 ft deep in the tailings dam foundation.

The work delivered by our engineers was highly esteemed by the Argentinean academic engineering community due to its innovative approach.

This method of leak detection and remediation also provided our client with a reliable and cost effective solution for their project.

Ausenco's scope of services included:

  • detailed engineering - phase 2
  • tailings dam operation conversion
  • tailings dam coating system modification
  • scope of potential leaks
  • hydrological study
  • CQA-Geotechnical campaigns
  • CQA-Geosynthetics and soil movement (tailings dam regrowth)
  • slope stability pseudo static and dynamic verification.

Project details

Environmental and social solutions
Jujuy, Argentina
Business line
Environment & Sustainability
Silver Standard
2009 - present
Solution phase
Evaluate, Innovate, Create
Project value
$USD 1.5 Million