Planning for future maintenance needs

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The George Fisher Mine (GFM) is an underground mine located in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia that produces approximately 3.1 Mt/y Lead-Zinc ore. 

The Xstrata Zinc Surface Crushing Facility is a new capability for GFM, designed to meet the requirements of an increase in ore available for processing. 

Ausenco Rylson successfully delivered the following services for the new Surface Crushing Facility: 

  • Hierarchy Development 
  • Preventative Maintenance Optimisation 
  • Technical Documentation Generation including customised formal Standard Job Attachments 
  • Critical Spares Analysis
  • CMMS Data Upload (Ellipse)


Ausenco Rylson achieved the following deliverables for GFM: 

  • Hierarchy of the new equipment associated with the Surface Crushing plant based on design data and validated by physical configuration as built 
  • Formalised Preventative Maintenance Strategy allowing reliable planning of required preventative maintenance resources 
  • Critical Spares List recommending the stock items required to reduce risk of financial impact due to unscheduled maintenance 
  • Migrated preventative maintenance strategy for the incumbent CMMS.

Project details

Queensland, Australia
Xstrata Zinc
Solution phase