Power Distribution and Control

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Retrofit of electrical system

The power distribution system consists of retrofitting an existing bifurcated 13.8 kV circuit breaker to feed the 3000 kVA, 13.8 kV - 600V chip thickness screening transformer and cabling from the transformers secondary to the 600 V Power Distribution Centre (PDC).

The PDC circuit breakers feed two lineups of Motor Control Centre (MCC) with one MCC lineup controlling the 2 parallel lines of chip thickness screening equipment and associated conveyors within the Chip Thickness Screening (CTS) Building and the other MCC lineup controlling all other conveyors and equipment outside the CTS building.

As Nanaimo is in a high seismic zone, as defined by the Canadian National Building Code, electrical equipment installation requires special fastening to prevent equipment damage during an earthquake.

The control system consists of the Foxboro I/A distributed control system using field bus modules with two remote Human Machine Interface (HMI) terminals. The field bus modules are connected to the control processor via redundant field busses, two twin axial cables and the remote HMI terminals are linked to the work station processor via fibre optic cables.

The DCS system includes approximately 500 input/output points with 40 control loops.

Project details

Energy transport
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Business line
Process Infrastructure
Harmac Pacific Inc.
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