Produced Gas System Debottlenecking

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Process studies completed by Ausenco revealed that bitumen production constraints at MacKay River resulted from bottlenecks in the produced gas infrastructure within MR1 plant site and not at the pads or pipeline. As a result, Ausenco was commissioned to complete the engineering within the MR1 facility to reduce back pressure at the well pads. Ausenco prepared the design basis memorandum (DBM), engineering design specifications (EDS) and detailed engineering (DE) for the project.

Installation involved:

  • two identical condensing exchangers as part of the condensing loop to allow a 50-50 split of the increased produced gas flow rate
  • looping of the NPS 16” inlet line
  • four tie-ins, with NPS diameters of 24”, 16”, and 2” to accommodate the looping inlet.

Construction was completed during a scheduled plant maintenance shutdown. Within two weeks of plant re-start, production reached nameplate design capacity for the first time.

Project highlights:

  • DBM, EDS and DE for Produced Gas System Debottlenecking
  • installation of two condensing exchanger trains
  • piping loops and tie-ins, with tie-ins occurring within scheduled plant shut down
  • on completion, bitumen production reached design capacity for the first time.

Project details

Oil sands
MacKay River, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Suncor Energy Inc.
August 2007 - February 2009

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