Pumphouse Modules, Phase 5D Development

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Modularisation involves engineering of large equipment packages that are shop assembled to achieve high product quality. This minimises the amount of construction work done in the field, resulting in cost savings. The lower pump module designed by Ausenco for Suncor’s MacKay River SAGD project is near the maximum size for modularisation.

The building is approximately 7.3 m wide, 7.6 m high and 29.5 m long. Its size combined with a weight of 150 tonnes put it at the limit of road transportation constraints. The module is situated on the process area of a well pad of the Phase 5 development, where it will handle production from 22 wells feeding from two pads. An upper test separator module weighing 50 tonnes was designed for installation at one end of the lower pump module.

These are the first modules to incorporate an overhead travelling crane in each.

A group separator module and a valve module were also designed and built for installation and hook-up in the field.

Project details

Oil sands
MacKay River, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Suncor Energy Inc.
2010 - 2012

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