Refinery Expansion Project

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This $70 million vacuum distillation unit was part of a $380 million refinery expansion project.

Ausenco was responsible for the layout and detailed design of the vacuum unit and associated pipe-rack modules. In addition, Ausenco provided CAD/CAE support, construction management support, data management and integration services for the entire project. Our integration of the shop fabrication and construction installation data into the project models provided a means to accurately plan and progress the daily construction activities.

System inspection, test package generation and system turnover was controlled using the Ausenco Construction Control Database (CDD).

The Ausenco PlantAPPS™ web-based materials management system was used to perform field material reconciliations for the entire project.

Project highlights:

  • minimal shop or field rework
  • integrated the shop spool status reports from four shops into the project models
  • progress reports generated from imported status data
  • provided construction control database for work package and test package creation
  • used PlantAPPS™ materials management system for model reconciliation against purchase orders
  • overall project CAD configuration and specification generation.

Project details

Oil sands
Regina, Saskatchewan
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Limited
June 2001 - March 2003
Engineering, Construction management, Control systems