Reliable equipment for the long term

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Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is responsible for managing more than 90% of Australia’s raw sugar exports and currently operates 6 bulk sugar terminals across Queensland’s east coast. 

QSL is responsible for managing and maintaining the assets associated with each terminal including the road and rail receiving stations, storage facilities and ship loading facilities. 

Ausenco Rylson completed a maintenance strategy and budget development project for QSL. A pilot project was run on one of the sites with the results and core data set rolled out across each QSL site. 

The project involved the following key activities:

  • Review and optimisation of the site maintenance strategies 
  • Creation of logically routed and grouped work packages 
  • Identification of baseline component life data 
  • Development of activity-based (or zero based) budgets. 


As part of the maintenance strategy and budget development for QSL Ausenco Rylson undertook a complete plant strategy review based on the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). Out of this process, Ausenco Rylson were able to deliver a full suite of maintenance routines, maintenance spares lists and process area budgets. 

The outcomes for QSL include assurance that equipment will meet production needs, ready access to labour and material costing information and an increase in the integrity of its Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Project details

Asset management
Queensland, Australia
Queensland Sugar Limited
2010 - 2012
Solution phase