Review of 230 kV Transmission System

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New cable circuit recommended

BC Hydro’s T&D Engineering is developing long term plans to expand capacity and maintain supply security of its 230 kV transmission system in the Metro Vancouver area.

Ausenco, with sub-consultant Siemens, conducted a review to identify short-comings in B.C. Hydro’s plans, and to suggest alternatives that may not have been considered.

Metro Vancouver is supplied by nine 230 kV circuits from the 500 kV Meridian and Ingledow substations. The 230 kV circuits are overhead lines and 85 km of under-ground cables. Many of the cables have been in service for over 40 years and are nearing the end of their useful life. Also, some of the circuits and substations are located in seismic risk areas.

Based on BC Hydro’s data, we created a model of the 230 kV network. Using this, several cable replacement and stage development options were evaluated. The results of the intense four month review are documented in a report that ranks the four short-listed options, based on security, cost and schedule.

The key recommendation from the study, to construct a new 230 kV cable circuit to Downtown Vancouver, endorsed BC Hydro’s plans. Construction was started and the cable was energised in 2004.

This project won an Award of Merit in the CEBC 2003 Awards for Engineering Excellence.

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