Christina Lake SAGD Well Pad Modules

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From 2002 to 2006, Ausenco provided major EPCM services to Cenovus for debottlenecking and expansion of their Christina Lake SAGD facility.

During this time, Ausenco continually added new well pairs to increase the production throughput of the facility. A key part of this program was focusing on innovative and continuous design improvements and cost reductions. The Ausenco team worked closely with Cenovus engineering and operations personnel as well as fabrication and construction contractors.

The wellhead design uses a series of three modules with two well pairs per module for a total of six wells per pad. To allow for portability and re-use, the upper section accommodates the instrument equipment and the lower section functions as a pipe rack. The sections can ship separately or together to meet the requirements of future projects.

As the wells mature and move into the blow down phase, the upper section can be relocated to a new well pad. This innovative design increased operating flexibility while reducing capital cost and construction time on future well pads.

Project highlights:

  • modular approach lowers total installed cost
  • integrated team approach
  • lower section functions as pipe rack
  • upper section houses instrument equipment and can be redeployed to new well pads as existing wells deplete.

Project details

Oil sands
Conklin, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Cenovus Energy
2002 - 2006
Program management, Engineering, EPC/EPCM

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