Christina Lake Solvent Aided Process (SAP) Facilities

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Ausenco has completed several projects involving solvent aided process (SAP) technology, using a solvent for the enhancement of oil recovery in SAGD facilities.

The scope ranged from evaluating equipment layouts and process scenarios complete with total installed cost estimates through to providing full EPCM services. At Christina Lake, the storage and injection facilities encompassed solvent storage bullets, injection pumping facilities, truck loading and offloading facilities, separation facilities, gas compression facilities, amine unit, glycol regeneration unit, depropaniser, incinerator, and associated interconnection infrastructure.

Ausenco conducted an extensive evaluation on costs and various process designs to arrive at an optimal solution for the SAP facilities to maximise heavy oil production, as well as the recovery of butane. Several modifications were made to keep the projects on budget, while maintaining recovery rates and reducing the steam-oil ratio. Ausenco provided site safety and security services using local aboriginal labour on the construction site. Determined project execution by Ausenco, with attention on safety, quality, cost and schedule, made this project successful.

Project highlights:

  • Full EPCM with integrated team approach.
  • Solvent enhanced recovery process utilising butane.
  • Depropaniser for butane recovery.
  • Separation, compression, reinjection facilities
  • Modified facilities to remain on budget.
  • Provided safety and security services, including employment of local aboriginal peoples.
  • Enhanced recovery successful.
  • Steam-oil ratio reduced by 30%.

Project details

Oil sands
Conklin, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Cenovus Energy
July 2003 - March 2006