Gas Plant Sulphur Loading Optimisation Project

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The liquid sulphur truck loading facilities at Jumping Pound were upgraded to support new volumes through the existing rail and truck facilities. The truck loading platform was extended with the addition of structural steel, a new gangway, a loading arm, and a flow control valve linked to a handheld control device at the loading ramp.

Improvements to the existing platform included the replacement of the gangway and improved lighting in the truck loading platform area. Ausenco engineers conducted manifold studies, mechanical seal evaluations, pumping technology studies for head requirements and flow rates, and pump inlet piping revisions to maximise flow rates.

Ausenco created a 3D model of the loading rack from laser scan cloud data, and used it to design a modular shop-fabricated installation, shortening the schedule and minimising the hot work and down time on the existing platform. Ausenco integrated Shell’s engineering, construction, and operations personnel into the design review and the construction planning process.

Ausenco provided full engineering design and procurement functions for the project, as well as the generation of the construction work package.

Project highlights:

  • improvements to handle increased sulphur production at Jumping Pound
  • 3D model developed from laser scan of existing infrastructure
  • structural modifications, additional loading arm, and control valves
  • integrated team approach with Shell engineering, construction, and operations
  • maximised modular and shop fabrication to minimise hot work and down time of existing operation.

Project details

Gas, Oil sands
Jumping Pound, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Shell Canada Limited
July 2005 - December 2006
Engineering, Global procurement, Construction management, Studies and technical solutions