Suncor MacKay River 35K Generation

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In December 2009, Ausenco was awarded a combination of FEED and detailed engineering for Suncor’s 35,000 bbl/d debottlenecking projects. The MacKay River SAGD facilities (MR1) well facilities were designed for 30,000 bbl/d.

Ausenco completed a combination of FEED and detailed engineering of the mini-projects below to facilitate a 35,000 bbl/day throughput for MR1.

  • install IGF accumulator 02-V-204 bypass
  • modify once through steam generation (OTSG) steam
  • quality measurement
  • install vapour recovery unit (VRU) seal water recycle
  • install second stage high pressure (HP) steam separator
  • install low pressure (LP) steam loss elimination
  • after filter expansion
  • install new swing tank
  • expansion of Weak Acid Cation (WAC) system
  • oil removal filters (ORF) expansion
  • corrosion study for MacKay River.

Project highlights:

  • combination of FEED and detailed engineering for 10 separate projects
  • de-bottlenecking solutions to achieve 35 kBPSD of bitumen production at field steam-to-oil ratio (SOR) below 3.0
  • installation of an IGF accumulator by pass
  • revamp vapour recovery unit (VRU) at MR1 to recycle seal water
  • installation of a second stage swirl type separator at the CPF
  • installation of a spare WAC vessel to operate as both a primary and polishing vessel.

Project details

Oil sands
MacKay River, Alberta
Business line
Oil & Gas, Power
Suncor Energy Inc.
December 2009 - ongoing

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