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Ausenco achieves major milestone at Coquitlam Project

Ausenco has achieved a major milestone at our Coquitlam Ultraviolet Disinfection (CWT) project in Canada, with tie-in work to connect the new UV water treatment facility to the operating transmission system successfully completed and various building roofs being closed in.

Achieving this milestone was challenging due to the timing constraints involved. There are only two short periods of time during the year when the Coquitlam Reservoir is able to be shut down for work to be completed. Our team, in conjunction with Metro Vancouver, our client and the constructor worked together to find a solution to this issue to ensure the project remained on schedule.

The CAD$110 million Coquitlam UV project for Metro Vancouver commenced in mid-2011 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Image courtesy of MetroVancouver