Corporate Governance

Ausenco’s Board of Directors’ key responsibility is the protection and enhancement of long-term shareholder value within an appropriate risk framework and our practices reflect the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (2nd edition).

The Board believes that there is a genuine link between high standards of corporate governance and equity performance. Our compliance with these principles is outlined in our Corporate Governance Statement.

We believe that good corporate governance practices are about conducting business in a transparent and ethical way that enhances value for all stakeholders. We strive to develop and nurture a culture which involves high ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for the values of others.

Ausenco’s Constitution governs the principles and rules for our Directors and management to ensure we act honestly, conscientiously and fairly, in accordance with the law and in the best interests of Ausenco’s shareholders, its personnel and all other stakeholders.

Board and Board Committees

Ausenco’s Board of Directors is accountable to shareholders for the performance of the company. The Board comprises of six non-executive Directors and one executive Director, the CEO.

The responsibilities, power and authority of the Board and Board sub-committees and the delegations to management are set out in the Board Charter.

In order to assist in the performance of its duties, the Board has established a number of committees. The committee rules and charters are set out in the following documents:

Board and Board Committees

Policies and codes

Ausenco has developed and adopted the following policies and codes to guide Directors, management and personnel in the performance of their duties: