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At Ausenco we know our people are our strength. Many of our senior people are recognised as leaders in their fields and have a wealth of technical expertise in their specialist areas.

With people located in 16 countries across many different cultures, climates, nationalities, languages and with a broad range of backgrounds and experience, our people develop strong relationships with their clients to deliver solutions that improve the outcomes of every project.

We hope you enjoy reading the profile pieces on just some of our experts below.

Denis Isabel, Director, Environment & Sustainability, North America

Denis Isabel - Director, Environment & Sustainability, Ausenco

Entrepreneur, educator, and scientist with a passion for the mining industry and hydrogeology, Denis Isabel has more than 37 years of experience in applied environmental engineering and hydrogeology in the mining sector. Denis received his B.Sc. in Geology and B.A.Sc. in Geological Engineering from Laval University in Québec, followed by a Ph.D. in Water Science from the National Institute of Scientific Research in Québec , Canada.

Denis brings his extensive consulting engineering experience to Ausenco, where he applies his knowledge to the entire life cycle of the project - from environmental impact assessment at pre-feasibility stage, to tailing management facility design, operation, review and closure, as well as water management, mine site reclamation strategy plans, and waste management. His true passion lies in challenging the boundaries of a project and thinking outside the box to provide clients with innovative solutions for mine closures that consider not only the regulation, but the general impact on the community and environment.

For Denis, what makes Ausenco different is how, as a service provider, we always have our clients’ interests in mind and heart, and how we work with them as true partners, to identify and overcome challenges and offer alternative solutions to attain cost and time effective results.

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Denis Isabel - Directeur, Environnement et Développement durable, Ausenco

Entrepreneur, éducateur et scientifique passionné pour l'industrie minière et l'hydrogéologie, Denis Isabel possède plus de 37 ans d'expérience en ingénierie environnementale appliquée et en hydrogéologie dans le secteur minier. Denis a reçu son B.Sc. en géologie et son B.Sc.A. en génie géologique de l'Université Laval à Québec, suivi d'un Ph.D. en sciences de l'eau de l'Institut national de la recherche scientifique à Québec, au Canada.

Denis apporte son expertise approfondie en ingénierie environnementale à Ausenco, où il applique ses connaissances à l'ensemble du cycle de vie du projet: de l'évaluation de l'impact environnemental au stade de la préfaisabilité, à la conception, l'exploitation, la revue et de la fermeture des installations de gestion des résidus, ainsi que de la gestion de l'eau, des plans de réhabilitation des sites miniers et de la gestion des déchets. Sa véritable passion consiste à défier les limites d'un projet et à réfléchir en dehors de la boîte pour fournir aux clients des solutions innovantes pour la fermeture des mines qui tiennent compte non seulement de la réglementation, mais aussi de l'impact général sur la communauté et l'environnement.

Pour Denis, ce qui rend l'Ausenco différent, c'est comment, en tant que fournisseur de services, nous avons toujours l'intérêt du client à l'esprit et dans le cœur, et comment nous travaillons avec eux comme de véritables partenaires, pour identifier et surmonter les défis et offrir des solutions alternatives pour obtenir des résultats optimums en coûts et en temps.

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Ruixue Wang, Project Manager, Arctic Engineering Expert

Ruixue Wang – Project Manager, Arctic Engineering Expert

Dr. Ruixue Wang has over 15 years of progressive experience in the fields of ice engineering and ice environments. Armed with a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from the China’s Dalian University of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University in the USA, along with numerous well received technical publications, Ruixue brings his passion for innovative and safe design solutions to challenging arctic engineering projects at Ausenco.

His extensive experience spans globally from sea ice management in the Bohai Sea, China; offshore structural design in ice-covered seas; ice issues in port design in Russia; wave/ice climates in the Arctic Ocean; numerical modelling of sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics; and freshwater-marine coupling in Hudson Bay, Canada.

His most memorable projects include a bearing refit for an offshore structure in a high seismic area to ensure structural integrity during the bearing replacement, as well as an offshore drilling campaign in the Arctic Ocean where he was involved in developing a concept using spray ice islands as both primary and relief drilling platform, and an ice road system design to support all transportation activities.

At Ausenco, he leads our Arctic region engineering projects by lending his extensive expertise to development of design parameters for Arctic regions, determination of ice loads on various structures, exploration drilling program using spray ice islands, design of grounded and floating ice roads and pads, ice-supported Arctic offshore pipeline installation, design of Arctic Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), and winterization of facilities for both O&G and Mining projects in Arctic conditions.

For Ruixue, what makes Ausenco different is how we challenge the boundaries of engineering in harsh and cold environment without compromising our core values, while collaborating with our clients to offer them alternative solutions.

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