Heap leach facility design

Safely recovering precious resources

With over 100 major mining projects in more than 34 countries, Ausenco has extensive knowledge and experience in leach pad engineering. 

Providing a ‘cradle to grave’ service, we are there when you first consider the feasibility of a leach pad, and stay with you until it is closed and capped. Click here to find out more about program management or operations and maintenance services.

We can provide the expert knowledge required to guide you through complex environmental and social challenges, while meeting increasingly stringent permitting processes. Our team includes:

  • civil and geotechnical engineers, professional geologists, engineering geologists and hydrogeologists, environmental and social specialists, certified engineering technicians, field and laboratory technicians, and registered structural engineers
  • qualified engineering technicians, many of whom have completed NICET registration, ACI, MSHA, and OSHA 40-hour training requirements
  • Spanish, Portuguese and English speakers

Our comprehensive offering in both design and Control Quality Assurance (CQA) services means innovative, well-engineered, seamless projects that maximise your investment. These services include: 

To find out about how we’ve assisted our clients to protect their precious resources and what we are capable of, click on the related case studies or download our brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese.