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Our people are leaders in their field with a wealth of technical expertise in a range of areas that we call our Job Categories.

More information on our job categories, opportunities for development and real stories from some of our employees are provided on each of our Job Category pages.

  • Business line

    A genuine opportunity to lead, we ensure that you have clear guidelines and directions, and access to our senior leaders to embrace and foster your entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Engineering

    Engineers at Ausenco have one thing in common – a commitment to continuous improvement through innovation. We are passionate people who work on diverse and interesting projects around the globe.

  • Studies

    Our range and scale of studies provide you with diverse, international opportunities to develop your expertise and make a tangible impact on our clients’ projects.

  • Project

    Ausenco’s project management opportunities offer a wide range of challenging, unique and groundbreaking projects with good systems and practices in place.

  • Project

    Your ability to positively influence the way a project plan progresses is highly valued. With the help of our learning and development programs, our people are inspired to innovate and generate clever client outcomes.

  • Operations &

    The opportunity to work on a full project lifecycle from conception to delivery and to move around globally to experience different project and operating environments are just the additional perks of working within operations and maintenance at Ausenco.

  • Business

    Our business service functions are integral to supporting and facilitating the company and as such, a high value is placed on your contribution.