Mining engineering

Engineering solutions to achieve success

Our mining engineering solutions provide our clients with a range of solutions that fit within the different stages of the project lifecycle. We ensure that they cover our clients’ needs from infrastructure and environmental services for mines and protecting resources, through to planning and risk management services.

To read more about our mining engineering solutions and how they have been applied to complex problems, click on the related case studies or download the mining engineering brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Site characterisation services

Ausenco’s mine site characterisation services include earthquake engineering, drilling support and laboratory testing. Our experienced and diverse geological and geotechnical engineering staff establish the facts about the risk/reward dynamics of your site.

Mine infrastructure services

Our global reputation for world-class mine infrastructure services is based on our exceptional expertise in developing waste solutions, heap leach systems, tailings management plans, geomembrane liner systems and embankment dams.  

Mine environmental services

Protecting the environment is more important today than it has ever been before. 

Ausenco’s mine environmental services provide ethical, economical solutions to your environmental concerns that are globally accepted, including:

  • licensing and permitting
  • environmental impact assessments
  • mine waste management
  • site remediation
  • restoration

Mine planning, study, design and optimisation services

Ausenco’s mine planning services encompass both short and long-term planning options which are essential to managing a mine’s risk/reward dynamic. 

Our planning covers initial study right through to the design, procurement, construction, operation, closure, decommissioning and restoration phases.

Water services for mining

We protect your water resources by designing infrastructure with supporting facilities from scoping level to post closure.

Risk management services

Our rigorous risk assessment process for health, safety and the environment is applied to political, economic, social and technical risks in project execution and operational phases of a project.