Ausenco Foundation donates US$2,500 to Angel Flight West

The Ausenco Foundation has made a US$2,500 donation to the Angel Flight West (AFW) in California, United States. The funds will help the non-profit, volunteer-driven organisation provide free, non-emergency air travel for children in 50 states with serious medical conditions or other critical needs.

AFW matches up volunteer pilots to people in need, enabling them to receive medical treatment and other vital care that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical or geographic limitations. To accomplish this, the organisation uses a network of volunteer pilots who fly their own private or rented aircraft and pay for fuel, insurance and other flight-related expenses.

Terry Richards, an Ausenco control systems engineer based in Concord, California, is a volunteer pilot with the organisation and brought the initiative forward to the Ausenco Foundation for consideration. “It means a lot that Ausenco is willing to contribute to such a worthy organisation,” Terry said after learning that his initiative was among those selected.

Each flight costs approximately $400, so the cash donation of $2,500 is expected to fund the equivalent of six flights. Please visit for more information on Angel Flight West or the Ausenco Foundation.