Ausenco Foundation supports children's literacy in Papua New Guinea for a second year

The Ausenco Foundation is proud to announce the continuation of our partnership with Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) to help children with disabilities develop their literacy and numeracy skills at BbP’s Hohola library in Port Moresby.

BbP establishes and runs children’s libraries across PNG to help disadvantaged children become literate and learn how to better look after themselves even with the daily challenges they face in their lives.

The Ausenco Foundation began its support of BbP’s Hohola library last year and has just provided operations funding for another year. Located at the Red Cross Special Education Resource Centre in Port Moresby the Hohola library provides assistance to more than 200 disabled children enrolled at the school. With a special focus on supporting hearing and visually impaired children, Hohola’s Librarians provide tuition for more than 50 students on a daily basis.

As well as the general running of the library, funding from the Ausenco Foundation helped purchase visual language and learning support materials last year including a computer; sign language books, flash cards, dictionaries, picture books and posters; and portable DVD players and DVDs.

“The sign language materials, both visual and instrumental have already had a huge impact on the children, parents and teachers,” said Noah Agino, Head Teacher Librarian at Hohola.

“They are very popular with the Hohola library students and the whole school,” he said. “The puppets have also been fantastic in attracting and keeping the children’s attention and improving their ability to focus.

“Importantly, the children have been able to improve their vocabulary, gross and fine motor skills.”

The Ausenco Foundation’s ongoing funding will enable the children and teachers to continue their learning and the development of a broader disability awareness program across BbP libraries. Members of the Kramer Ausenco team in Port Moresby will represent the Foundation and participate in a number of activities with the children at Hohola over the coming year.

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