Kramer Ausenco lends its support to local artists for APT7

Kramer Ausenco, the largest engineering and program management firm within the South Pacific Region, is showing their support for the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) through their sponsorship of ‘Papua New Guinea Structures’. Until April, this display will present new works by over 67 artists from Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

For the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kramer Ausenco, Frank Kramer, the decision to sponsor ‘Papua New Guinea Structures’ was an easy one considering their strong history in the region and their involvement in the community. “We have been based in the South Pacific region for more than 35 years and our focus has always been the support and development of the region, particularly in PNG”, says Frank.

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the APT, the largest exhibition series of its kind to focus exclusively on the contemporary art of Asia Pacific. Held every 3 years, this will be the seventh APT since its inception and will run for 4 months.

The key themes for the seventh Triennial will include transforming landscapes, varied engagements with the city, and the adaptability of local cultures in today’s world.

A major focus of the exhibition will be two architectural structures by artists from the East Sepik province in PNG. These will include a spectacular group of performance masks and painted and carved structures from New Britain and the Sepik. The display will reflect the idea of ephemeral structures, and considers how the built environment influences people’s engagement with their surroundings and connection to place.

The APT7 is an important and significant event for Kramer Ausenco to sponsor as it puts the spotlight on the region and the skills and talent of the artists for Australians.  “Many families in the Sepik region come from generations of artists and it’s their way of life, without these types of events, they would not receive as much recognition or support which they deserve”, explains Mr Kramer.