The Ausenco Foundation helps The Smith Family support students in need

The Smith Family

The Ausenco Foundation has made an AU$7,000 donation to help three university students achieve their dreams through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Tertiary sponsorships program.

The Smith Family is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Australia to make the most of their education. Scholarships are provided to carefully selected students to allow them to go to university and pay for textbooks, stationary and living expenses.

Through the generosity of Ausenco Limited and our people, the Ausenco Foundation aims to make a positive and sustainable difference to the people in the communities in which we live and work. 

The donation covers for one full scholarship and two partial scholarships to help three engineering/science students with their studies next year. One of the students is studying at the University of Queensland which is located near our Brisbane office, one at Edith Cowan University near our Perth office and the other is studying at James Cook University in Townsville in North Queensland.

The students have worked hard to build a better future for themselves through education and the Ausenco Foundation is committed to giving them the opportunities they deserve.

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