Operational readiness

Optimising operations for the future

Ausenco understands the importance of getting all functions in place to the highest standard possible and having people ready to operate your plant efficiently and effectively.

We ensure that everything is covered including an assessment of what our clients’ needs are, developing safe procedures, identifying the systems required for successful operation and maintenance and training for employees on new systems and procedures.

Operational readiness is about ensuring your project is the best it can be prior to operations commencing, reducing cost and increasing efficiencies and delivering extraordinary results for our clients.

At Ausenco, we know that a prepared team is a productive team. We prepare and train our clients’ staff, ensuring they are ready to operate their plant efficiently and safely.  We deliver solutions to our clients in the following key areas:

Systems and procedures development

  • safety management systems
  • operating and maintenance procedures
  • business management systems
  • metallurgical accounting system


  • training needs analysis
  • training plans
  • training delivery


  • maintenance strategy
  • maintenance plans
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • critical spares
  • stock level analysis
  • inventory management and logistics
  • Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) set up

No matter where your operations are, we can apply our proven training techniques to your project.

To read more about how our operational readiness capabilities have improved our clients’ planned project or upgrade, click on the related case studies or download the operational readiness brochure in English  or Portuguese.

Contact us

For more information on our Operational readiness solutions, please contact one of our specialists:

  • Gregg Schumann, General Manager, Operations and Maintenance, APAC/Africa (incorporating Ausenco Rylson) - greg.schumann@ausenco.com
  • Juan Carlos Duarte, General Manager Ausenco Rylson South America - juancarlos.duarte@ausenco.com
  • Eric Delorme, Director Asset Management North America - eric.delorme@ausenco.com