Our history

Since our beginning, Ausenco has achieved many important milestones. We have diversified our service offering, strengthening our capabilities and enhancing our expertise to become a leading provider of mining and oil and gas services to the global energy and resources sectors.


First office opens in Brisbane, Australia


Second office opens in Perth, Australia


Win first African project – North Mara Gold Project, Tanzania


  • First institutional shareholders invest in Ausenco
  • Former Queensland Premier Wayne Goss is appointed Chairman 
  • Win Sepon Copper Gold Project, Laos 
  • Receive Australian Export Award – Services 
  • Receive Engineering Excellence Award – Projects and Exports 


Establish Ascentis, a new division delivering operations solutions to the minerals-processing industry


China office opens


  • Americas office opens
  • Win first alliance contract with Queensland Nickel (QNI) 
  • Receive Australian Engineering Excellence Award – Resource Development (with Bateman Engineering)


  • Win first Americas projects – Mexico and Argentina 
  • Win series of major projects – Australia, Zambia, Laos, Vietnam 
  • List on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) 
  • Manila office opens
  • Receive Queensland Export Award – Services 
  • Receive Australian Export Award – Services 


  • Bangkok office opens
  • Vancouver office opens
  • Launch Ausenco Foundation to offer community support


  • Acquire Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), Vector Engineering and Sandwell 
  • Johannesburg office opens
  • Launch Ausenco Project Academy in partnership with Queensland University of Technology
  • Form Ausenco Taggart CHPP joint venture


  • Created Ausenco Energy and Ausenco Program Management 
  • Acquired 50% equity in Kramer Group to form Kramer Ausenco 
  • Ausenco PSI celebrated 30 years in business


  • Receive Australia Latin America Business Excellence award
  • Receive Jack Holt Newcrest Mining Trophy


  • Acquire 100% of Reaction Consulting oil sands company
  • Calgary office opens
  • Form alliance with Proxa Ltd
  • Form Ausenco Rylson joint venture


  • Appointment of George Lloyd as Chairman
  • Acquire 100% Calgary oil sands business PROJEX Technology