Pipeline systems

Ingenious solutions for transporting our clients’ valuable resources

For more than 30 years, our people have held key roles in the engineering of pipelines across the globe for the transport of a diverse array of products through challenging terrain, extreme climates and remote locations. Building on the expertise, experience and technology developed by Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), our people have been directly involved in many of the key resources pipelines globally, including some of the world's longest and most challenging pipeline projects.

Ausenco provides expertise with associated SCADA systems and telecommunications, especially for remote locations developing stand-alone, self-sustaining systems which require a minimum of local human interface and maintenance.  

We have designed and engineered long-distance pipelines to transport virtually every type of mineral from concentrates such as copper, zinc, lead and iron, to crushed ore, bauxite, nickel laterite, phosphate, potash, limestone and coal. 

We offer complete project solutions from concept to commissioning. Our pipeline project services include:

  • feasibility studies and conceptual design
  • route reconnaissance and evaluation
  • laboratory and loop testing programs
  • complex hydraulic modelling
  • basic and detailed engineering
  • leak detection systems
  • pipeline operations and simulation software
  • pipeline SCADA and telecommunications
  • construction management/construction QA/QC
  • start-up and commissioning
  • pipeline operations optimisation and maintenance
  • operator training and operations support

These solutions offer a variety of applications including:

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