Power generation

Finding opportunities and seeking new solutions

Our insight into power generation is diverse and insightful. Our work in power generation extends across all energy markets from natural gas, coal-fired and biomass to landfill gas-based and renewable power. Our specialised knowledge and depth and breadth of industry experience have taken us to all corners of the globe. 

We also have extensive experience in cold-climate installations. Our specialised knowledge of materials-handling systems and appreciation for problems encountered in cold-climate installations allows us to provide full design services to solid fuel-fired power plants in unique and remote locations.

Our services extend across every facet of traditional power generation project, from performing the role of owner’s engineer to full EPCM execution.

Our expertise in coal and gas-fired power generation is significant, having successfully completed numerous power generation projects globally. 

Our service capabilities include expertise in:

  • due diligence reviews
  • preliminary project analysis and engineering
  • environmental resource studies and impact assessments
  • community consultation and engagement
  • permitting and regulatory approvals
  • civil mechanical and electrical engineering design
  • geotechnical
  • fuel optimisation
    • coal
    • natural gas
    • liquid fuels
    • bio gas (e.g. landfill gas / sewage digester gas)
  • specialist technologies
    • gas turbine in simple and combined cycle operations
    • steam turbine and industrial steam systems 
    • stationary boiler plants firing solid and liquid fuels 
    • reciprocating engines
    • thermal facilities
    • water facilities (such as demineralisation plants)
    • cooling systems
    • gas conditioning stations
    • materials handling including fuel and ash
  • construction
    • civil works
    • logistics
    • foundation systems
    • balance of plant
    • grid connection

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