Simulation & Business Intelligence

Intuition is expensive. Foresight is priceless.

With 36 years of experience on over 400 Simulation and Business Intelligence (BI) projects worldwide, we are experts in identifying the effects of inter-dependencies and variation in complex business processes on KPIs like throughput, rateability, inventory and redundancy. We provide specific, data-driven recommendations to improve existing systems, optimise capital investment and maximise your business' net present value.

The image above is a simulation model of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) and Goonyella rail network in Queensland, Australia. This coal network is the second-largest of its kind in the world, delivering 150+ Mt/y with 6,000+ railcars. Working with our clients, we optimised the >$100M terminal infrastructure improvement sequence by prioritising expansions that demonstrated a strong ROI. We also developed and tested a sophisticated operating philosophy to minimise this complex system’s operating costs. You can view our video of the simulation model by clicking here.

Other notable results for our clients:

  • Increased NPV by >$500M for a major pipeline project by right-sizing storage capacity
  • Substantiated >$25M damage claim by quantifying 3rd party railway users’ impact on client
  • Reduced Capex by >$150M for world’s largest LNG distributor by minimising their vessel fleet
  • Proved ROI for >$40M/y navigation channel dredging by testing two-fold traffic growth
  • Increased NPV by >$250M for offshore expansion by evaluating vessel fleet aggregation
  • Increased NPV by >$500M for ore processing plant by de-bottlenecking downstream system.

Why Ausenco?

Our decision support services are low-risk because our fees can be based on an agreed percentage of the value we create for you. Of course, you also have the flexibility of selecting reimbursable or lump sum commercial terms if you prefer. 

Our three advantages and countless successes give you the confidence you deserve:

We evolve our technology – Not satisfied with rigid commercial software, we created our own industry-leading simulation platform to adapt to increasingly complex business processes, measure important KPIs that inform your major decisions, and objectively substantiate your most promising opportunities to stakeholders. Our discrete-event simulation software, TLS, has been developed and advanced in-house since 2002. TLS' scalability allows Ausenco to quickly model complex, holistic systems that capture the interactions necessary for accuracy. 

We follow a proven process – We engage your stakeholders early to gather data, understand perspectives, and align everyone’s definition of success. Following our establishment of your performance baseline, your operations, finance and marketing teams inform our data-driven analysis of your strategic options. We then work closely with you to select a decision-making framework, criteria, and their relative importance to you. Our recommendations follow convincingly and objectively from this process.

We blend ingenuity and reliability – Our team is comprised almost exclusively of engineering physics graduates, many with advanced degrees in business, mathematics and computing. 

Our consultants are Professional Engineers bound by a code of ethics to deliver objective, peer-reviewed work. We ask the right questions and define the right problems before developing ingenious solutions with significant returns.

Simulation in action

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