Slurry pipeline

Our solutions provide endless possibilities

Our people have been leading the engineering of many long-distance slurry transportation systems installed worldwide. With our senior leaders at the forefront of slurry pipeline technology development, our projects continue to push boundaries and break new ground.

With thousands of kilometres of pipeline projects under study, in design, or completed, Ausenco is responsible for a significant majority of this specialised market globally. Our experience includes diverse environments and challenging projects, including extremely cold climates, record-breaking distances, high altitudes and mountainous terrain.

Slurry pipeline technology or ‘hydro transportation’, minimises the impact on local communities and the environment. It is a safe transportation alternative with lower pollution levels, fuel costs, man power requirements and reliance on high-use transport corridors.

This makes it an ideal sustainable solution in many environments. For highlights on some of our experiences, including some of the world’s longest and largest pipelines, click on the related case studies or download the brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese.