Specialty services

Specialty engineering services are provided by Ausenco's integrated, cross-discipline teams of skilled engineers and technicians.

Arctic engineering

Ausenco has extensive experience as a provider of specialist engineering design services in cold weather climates.

Our pioneering work on ice technology has made Ausenco the leading designer of ice roads, ice islands and ice-resistant structures to support arctic oil and gas development. Our experience and expertise covers project phases from concept studies through to detailed design, for our resources and energy clients developing projects in cold and harsh weather environments and locations, such as Canada, Alaska, Russia and Greenland.

We are associated with a number of firsts in arctic and offshore engineering, including the:

  • first artificial island, Immerk, Beaufort Sea
  • first deep-water steel caisson, Molikpaq, Beaufort Sea
  • first spray-ice bottom-founded island, Mars, Beaufort Sea
  • first spray-ice floating island, Panarctic, Canadian Arctic Islands.

We offer expertise in all project phases across a range of sectors. Our experienced team provides services in:

  • arctic environment and ice characteristics assessment
  • ice-resistant offshore platforms
  • ice-resistant port structures
  • ice-resistant floating structures
  • ice-resistant artificial islands
  • ice roads, airstrips and drill pads (offshore and onshore)
  • ice spray and testing equipment
  • through-the-ice pipe lay
  • permafrost foundations
  • arctic product transport simulation
  • coastal and dredging
  • winterisation of facilities
  • arctic and remote region logistics.

To read more about our ingenious solutions in icy conditions download our brochure.

For more information or a confidential discussion with one of our experts, please contact Ruixue Wang, Ice Engineering Specialist (ruixue.wang@ausenco.com) or David Spagnolo, Snr Vice President and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas (david.spagnolo@ausenco.com).

Offshore structures

Ausenco is a leading engineering and project management provider in offshore structures and continues to anticipate client and industry needs. We’re inspired by uncharted territory and have developed and patented a new ice-resistant GBS substructure concept for an exploration rig or a production platform in water depths of up to 200m.

Our experience and expertise covers projects from concept studies through to EPC, EPCM and operational support for resources and energy clients requiring solutions for offshore and marine engineering.

Our experienced team provide clients with solutions in:

  • offshore GBS structures engineering
  • offshore jacket structures engineering
  • offshore floating structures engineering
  • offshore wind farm structures engineering
  • marine terminals
  • ocean engineering
  • advanced analysis such as earthquake and stress and fatigue analysis
  • product transport simulation
  • coastal and dredging.

To find out more about our wide range of offshore structures and engineering services download our brochure in English or Portuguese.

LNG services

Our key differentiating capabilities for LNG import and export is in our capabilities in designing LNG marine terminals and our expertise in the characterisation of the meteorological and oceanographic conditions, together with our innovative marine facility designs.

In addition to basic terminal planning, design, procurement and construction management services, Ausenco offers the following value-added services relevant to LNG terminals:

  • Berth downtime analysis
  • Piping and facilities engineering
  • Arctic environment, cold climate and ice-integration engineering
  • Winterisation of exploration, construction and production facilities.

From initial feasibility to final commissioning, we save time and reduce client risk.

Ausenco’s LNG capability is further complemented by our oil and gas services.

To find out more about our LNG engineering services, click here.

For more information on our LNG services or a confidential discussion with one of our experts, please contact Joel Shirriff, Vice President & Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation (joel.shirriff@ausenco.com).

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For more information or for a confidential discussion with one of our experts, please contact David Spagnolo, Sr VP and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas - david.spagnolo@ausenco.com.