Sustainability solutions

Striving for a brighter future

At Ausenco, we are committed to ensuring our people are focused on the environment and sustainability to ensure our impact on the world around us is as minimal as possible. 

Our sustainability solutions can be applied across any project, to read more about how we’ve applied our solutions to these complex projects, click on the related case studies or download the brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

We are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for both our clients and the environment. Our sustainability solutions cover several areas including:

Project environmental management

Ausenco offers engineering and consulting expertise through a combination of skills that include applying the outcomes of environmental and social impact assessments within engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) projects. 

This includes the preparation and implementation of site specific environmental management plans for an EPCM project and the compilation, tracking and compliance assurance for permits, licenses and environmental approvals. 

A typical plan includes an application of environmental best practices across all impacts identified in the environmental impact assessment. These are managed within the health, safety and environment construction management program for all construction activities.

Energy management expertise

Ausenco offers energy management expertise through defining the emission sources, establishing operating efficiencies and assessing renewable energy options for consideration under voluntary emission reduction carbon trading. Click to view more information about our renewable energy capabilities.

Greenhouse gas consulting

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) services are designed to provide clients with sustainable solutions. With over 75 years experience in air emission reduction and energy efficiency projects worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with a systematic approach to greenhouse gas decision making by offering GHG inventory measurement for meeting emission reporting, project planning for innovative technology adaption and project validation for carbon offset market participation.