Terminals and transportation systems

Executing offsite facility and pipeline projects has been core to our business. We have worked on hundreds of projects ranging in size from less than half a million dollars to over $1.2 billion. We have highly skilled resources to execute these types of projects and have exceptional pipeline engineering competency and stress engineering analysis capabilities.

Truck and rail loading and offloading

Our EPCM services extend to oil and gas processing terminals and trans-loading facilities. We have expertise in designing and building refined product storage and terminals and trans-loading facilities (rail and truck), and have designed for a variety of products including:

  • Bitumen
  • Dil-Bit
  • Diluent
  • NGLs
  • Molten and granulated sulphur
  • Finished products: gasoline, diesel, ethanol, additives and lubricants.

We have completed projects as small as single truck or rail car expansions, and as large as 880,000 barrels of storage for 40 rail-car unloading stations complete with all associated infrastructure to operate the facility.

The types of facilities we've worked on include:

  • Rail loading/unloading
  • Truck loading/unloading
  • Tank storage
  • Vessel storage
  • Firewater systems.

We have also helped bitumen producers with ancillary surface equipment upgrades for bitumen, diluent, butane and gas storage.

For more information or a confidential discussion, please contact Bob Zunti, General Manager, Oil & Gas (robert.zunti@ausenco.com) or Joel Shirriff, Vice President & Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation (joel.shirriff@ausenco.com)

Oil and gas pipelines

Ausenco offers a complete oil and gas pipeline solution from SAGD pipelines and GIS capability, to distributed control and instrumentation packages and a solid background in permitting and regulations, as well as the ability to design and optimise the actual pipeline itself.

With our knowledge and global experience in stress analysis and other modelling, we create more efficient and accurate solutions, maximising our clients’ return on investment. We work with a diverse group of local and multinational clients which provides us with an invaluable perspective on industry best practices.

Our practical experience, technical background and specialised tools meet owner specifications and government regulations.

To ensure optimal project delivery from start to finish, our global services include:

  • SCADA and telecommunications systems
  • consultancy services
  • pipeline route selection and surveying
  • engineering management
  • program management
  • construction management and inspection
  • control panel fabrication
  • start-up and commissioning
  • operator training
  • operations support and maintenance.

Our work has included a diverse array of projects in the oil, gas and products pipeline industry:

  • corrosion control and leak detection
  • meter stations
  • remote power facilities
  • compressor and pump stations
  • oil, gas and products transmission systems
  • above ground storage facilities
  • gas distribution systems.

To learn more about our experience in oil and gas pipelines, click here.

For more information or a confidential discussion, please contact Bob Zunti, General Manager, Oil  & Gas (robert.zunti@ausenco.com) or Ray Clarke, Project Manager (ray.clarke@ausenco.com).

Control systems

As an industrial system integrator, we specialise in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), process automation and data management systems for a diverse range of applications and industries. We are certified by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), considered the highest quality standard in the automation industry.

The variety of software solutions we employ use the well-established method of characteristics found to be numerically stable and accurate for modelling complex pipeline systems with control valves, check valves, vacuum breakers and pressure relief valves, pumps, surge tanks and other equipment.

Our control systems group has a broad range of experience in performing engineering and site services for hydrocarbon facilities. We provide value through risk analysis and mitigation and design optimisation. Our pipeline engineering specialists can model pipeline systems, troubleshooting to avoid downtime by rectifying potential issues in the design stage.

To learn more about our experience in control systems, click here.

For more information or a confidential discussion, please contact Ray Clarke, Project Manager (ray.clarke@ausenco.com) or David Spagnolo, Snr Vice President and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas (david.spagnolo@ausenco.com).

Logistics simulation

At Ausenco, we are experts at conducting hydraulic simulation on some of the most challenging commodities transported by pipeline systems. Over the years, we have developed our experience in stress analysis, water hammer simulation and dynamic modelling, which helps us to maximise our clients' return on investment and minimise risk.

Our simulations models are designed to evaluate performance, improve present operations and plan future facilities.

Our people are experienced in a variety of simulation software products including:

  • AFT Impulse
  • KYPipe2012: Surge
  • Pipeline Advisor™ proprietary software provides real-time performance monitoring and advice
  • Pipeline Simulator™; proprietary software developed for pipeline system transient analysis.

Using high-quality simulations, we provide critical recommendations to improve existing systems and optimise infrastructure investment for new systems.

For more information or a confidential discussion, please contact Allen Funston, Director Simulation & Business Intelligence (allen.funston@ausenco.com) or David Spagnolo, Snr Vice President and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas (david.spagnolo@ausenco.com).

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For more information on our Terminals and Transportation solutions or a confidential discussion, contact one of our experts listed in the above sections or David Spagnolo, Snr Vice President and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas - david.spagnolo@ausenco.com.